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Welcome To ShadowGuard!!

We are an Alliance PvP guild with some focus on end-game content PvE.  We basically have a good time, whether it be ganking Horde outside Orgrimmar, focusing on arenas, rated battlegrounds, or completing heroic dungeons.  We expect our members to know their class, do their research and show up prepared for all committed events.  In return, we will push every player to be their best and as a whole, succeed at doing so, all in a supportive environment.  We encourage those not yet on the rated main teams to group up regularly, get in Vent, and do random battlegrounds to practice!

Rated Battlegrounds, we are recruiting anyone willing to fully commit to scheduled times and days that has at least 3.8k resilience and knowledge of your class.  If you sign up for rated battlegrounds, you must have Ventrilo, the ability to communicate effectively, focus targets, and commit to at least 1 rated per week.  Rated battlegrounds are scheduled three to four times weekly (Sunday through Thursday) at 9:30pm server time.  These usually run until midnight or later if everyone can stay.  If you sign up, you are expected to show up.  Tardiness and unexcused absences will most likely result in not being invited again. We could always use PvP healers, ranged DPS, and well-geared flag carriers.

As far as
World PvP is concerned, yeah, we do that.  And we do it well.  If there is a distress call in the world, we're on it.  We regularly take the fight to Orgrimmar.  We enjoy ganking.  We sometimes spit on corpses in Tol Barad.  We're just that nasty.  And if a fellow guild member sends out a distress call, he will have over 300 members waiting to watch his back.

Basically, we like to be active in the World and are up for anything that leads to a good time, whether that be arenas, rated battlegrounds, naked rogue parades, or dungeons and raids.  If you're someone who likes to enjoy all the game has to offer with a group of laid-back, but focused individuals, look no further.  You found us.

Who Are Your ShadowGuard Officers?

Guild Master: Volsunga
Co-Guild Master: Aistine


  1. Hollowman
  2. Knightmare - Officer ad perpetuam memoriam
  3. Menthols
  4. Sabersage


Guild News
Other Guild News

New Ranking Structures

EccoeAsh, Oct 18, 11 7:22 AM.
Hey, fellow members of ShadowGuard!

So, we have a new ranking and point system for the guild.  A post lining out what exactly is expected of you to rank up is listed as a sticky in member forums!  If you have questions, please direct them to your officers.  Thanks for helping make ShadowGuard a fun guild!

Guild Picture

EccoeAsh, Jul 5, 11 9:26 PM.
Guild Photo Time!
It took some coordination, but we finally got a new guild picture up on the website.  Thanks to everyone who came out and congratulations to Jafar, who won the 500 gold lottery for attendance!

Let's roll season 10!

Just a regular night in SW...

EccoeAsh, May 30, 11 7:02 PM.
Naked Rogue Parade Takes SW City by Storm

So, it started out waiting for rated battleground invites to be thrown, but after a few mugs of ale, things began to get a little fuzzy...  From dinner at Champion's Hall to dancing naked in the AH for tips, this is the kind of things we rogues do in ShadowGuard.  See all the screenshots in the Gallery on the forums.

Wanna join in the fun?  Fill out an app in game or on the website.


EccoeAsh, May 16, 11 1:16 AM.
If Hordies are raiding your guild in Searing Gorge, ganking lowbies, and ransacking your villages, who you gonna call? ... ShadowGuard to the rescue!

ShadowGuard came to the rescue of fellow alliance guild Southshore Renegades one Sunday evening and ganked Horde ass quickly.  After that, we raided Orgrimmar and headed over to Thunderbluff, as per our usual ganking regime.

If you need us, just pst.  We're the mercenaries of the server.  Call ShadowGuard!

Classic Raid Guild Runs!

EccoeAsh, Apr 17, 11 7:38 PM.

We completed the Classic Raid guild achievement runs one Sunday just for fun!  See all the pictures in the Gallery of the forums and if you participated, post your pics!

It was a hard fought series of epic battles.  We lost Hollowman once, but the healer was able to alt-tab, read about the fight and we completed it in a grueling 1 minute of dps dashing and gashing.

It only took us minutes of preparation, but we sweated our asses off to earn these honorable achievements -- all for ShadowGuard!!!
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